On the edge of Sainte-Jalle, the camping combines tranquillity, calm and village life. The proximity to the heart of the village (200 meters) will allow you to access the shops and services on foot.

Sainte-Jalle, nestled in the hollow of the Ennuyée valley, is a typical Provençal village of 281 souls with its light avenue of platanus trees and its petanque players.

It is calming to walk there, travel back in time by contemplating the Notre-Dame de Beauvert a Roman church of the 12th century, the ruins of the castle of the same period or the cobbled streets of the restored medieval village.

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The church of the Notre-Dame-de-Beauvert was built in 852 in the style of the 1st roman period and replaced an ancient Roman temple, as shown by the Latin inscription on a pillar to the right of the choir. The apse is decorated with four antique columns, but it is especially the entrance that attracts the attention. It is surmounted by a beautiful frieze supported by carved capitals: a personage holds in one of his raised hands a hawk and in the other a flower; on the right is a violin player and on the left  a third personage, having on his left a peacock who quenches in a vase and in his hand a flowering stick. The church is registered as a historical monument since 1967.


A large village in the fertile and rich valley which was called “the granary of the Baronnies”, Sainte-Jalle was in the Roman times the centre of the pagan cult of Bag (inensis) and one of the subdivisions of the city of Voconces. Several altars have been found which attest to the Roman era of a cult of Baginatiae goddesses. In the early Middle Ages, the monks of the abbey of Bodon Saint-May, settle there in the seventh century and gave it the name of St. Galle, the Christian virgin who, according to legend, had made the barbarians take flight under the walls of Valencia. This name was changed throughout the centuries, to that of Sainte-Jalle. The dykes took Sainte-Jalle on April 15, 1586, after beating him with 200 guns.

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The castle has been recently restored with a 12th century keep and a house flanked by a circular tower of the 16th century.

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    The old gate to the village
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    Old village
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    Archway, old village
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    Medieval house
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    Entrance of the Notre-Dame-de-Beauvert Church
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    Notre-Dame-de-Beauvert Church