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Anyone entering the campsite is required to respect the rules of conduct thus drafted under risk of exclusion by its manager or his representative.

1. Conditions of Admission:

It’s only allowed enter, to settle, and to stay on the campsite, if authorized by the manager or his representative. People staying have the obligation to ensure correct behaviour and keep order on the campsite and comply with these rules. Living on the campsite implies acceptance of the provisions of this regulation and the commitment to comply.

2. Security Formalities:

Anyone staying at least one night on the campground must first present himself to the Manager or his representative with a valid ID and responding to the requirements of french law on the stay in the territory.

Minors not accompanied by their parents will be permitted with written authorization from them.

3. Installation:

The tent or caravan and the material is related must be installed at the location shown in accordance with the directions given by the Manager or his representative.

4. Front desk:

At the reception desk, you’ll find all the information on the campground services, information on opportunities to supply, sports facilities, the tourist attractions of the area and various addresses that can be useful.

A complaints book to receive complaints is available to users. The complaints will be taken into consideration only if they are signed, dated and described as accurate as possible and referring to relatively recent.

5. Camping fees:

Camping fees are paid at the reception desk. The fees are display at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. They are due according to the number of nights spent on the ground.

Campground users are invited to inform the reception of their departure the day before they leave.

Campers who intend to leave before the opening time of the reception desk must inform the manger the day before they leave and should have paid their fees.

6. Noise and silence:

Campground users are urged to avoid all noises and discussions that might annoy their neighbours.

Sound devices must be set accordingly. Closing doors and chests must be as discreet as possible.

Dogs and other animals must never be allowed to go free. They must not be left alone on the campground our locked up in the absence of their masters, who are civilly responsible for their behavior.

It must be quiet between 22h and 7 h.

7. Visitors:

After being allowed by the Manager or his representative, visitors may on the campsite under the responsibility of the campers who receive them.

The camper can receive one or more visitors at the reception. If these visitors are allowed to enter the camping ground, the camper who receives them is required to pay a fee, insofar as the visitor has access to the facilities of the campsite, except the pool. This fee is being displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk.

Cars of visitors are not allowed in the campground.

8. Traffic and parking of vehicles:

Inside of the campground, vehicles must travel at a speed limit of 10 km/h.

Traffic is prohibited between 10 pm and 7 am.

Circulation on the campground is only permitted to cars belonging to campers staying n the campground. Parked cars should not prevent the installation of new arrivals or circulation of other campers.

9. Outfit and appearance of the facilities:

Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action that could interfere with the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campground.

It is prohibited to litter or throw sewage in the gutters.

“Caravans” must empty their wastewater in the facilities provided for this purpose.

Garbage, waste of any kind, papers, must be deposited in the trashbin.

Everyone is obliged to refrain from any action that could affect cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, including the sanitations.

Washing is strictly prohibited outside the area provided for this purpose.

Plantations and floral decorations must be respected. It is forbidden for the campers to use nails in trees, cut branches, of plantations.

It is not allowed to define the location of a campsite by personal means or digging up the ground.

Any damage caused to vegetation, fencing, field or campground facilities will be the responsibility of the perpetrator.

The location that is used during the stay will be maintained in the State in which the camper found it at his arrival.

10. Security:

a. fire:
Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Cooking utensils must be kept in good working condition and not used in dangerous conditions. A barbecue is available to campers.

In case of a fire, notify immediately management. Fire extinguishers can be used if necessary.

A first aid kit can be found at the reception desk;

b. Theft:
The camper retains his responsibility for his own facility and should report the presence of any suspicious person to the management.

Campground users are invited to take the normal precautions for the safeguard of their property.

11. Games:

No violent, or embarrassing games, may be organized near the campground facilities.

Children must always be supervised by their parents.

12. Storage:

Unsupervised material on the campground may only be left after agreement of management and only in that location appointed by him. A fee, whose amount is displayed in the office, will be due for this storage service.

13. display:

These rules of conduct are displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk.

It will be given to the camper at his request.

14. Use of pool: cf. regulations of the use of the pool

15 .Breach of the rules of conduct:

When a camper disturbs the stay of other camper or doesn’t comply with the provisions of the rules of conduct, the Manager or his representative can orally or in writing if necessary, give a warning to order the transgressor to stop his misbehavior.

Serious or repeated violation of the rules of conduct and after a formal notice by the Manager to comply may result in the termination of the contract.

In case of a criminal offence, the Manager may appeal to the authorities.


1. Dates and opening hours:

The swimming pool is open from the 1 of June to the 10 of September (depending on weather conditions) from 10:00 to 19:00.

2. Access to the swimming pool is free and strictly reserved for campsite guests (except visitors) who must comply with the rules of hygiene and safety. Minors must be accompanied by their parents, who are exclusively responsible for their supervision. Animals are strictly forbidden inside the pool. The management declines all responsibility in the event of an accident in the pool.

3. Hygiene:

The passage through the foot bath is mandatory for each guest entering the pool. Wearing swimming shorts is forbidden.

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It is forbidden to enter with footwear, to drink, to eat or to smoke inside the pool. Only children who are potty trained are allowed to swim; the others must wear a special swimming diaper.

4.  Security:

It is forbidden to run, dive, play on the borders of the pool and bring furniture (deckchairs, chairs, …)

5. Responsibility:

Respecting and following the rules of the swimming pool is mandatory and imposes itself to all the campers of the campsite as soon as they are admitted. The pool is not supervised and its use is at the risk and peril of bathers. Minors must be accompanied by their parents, who are responsible for their sole supervision. The management declines any responsibility in the event of an accident in the enclosure of the swimming pool. In case of non-compliance with the rules of the pool, and depending on the severity of the disorder, the management  may decide on the temporary or permanent exclusion of the offender.